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At Monbake, not only do we provide the best products under the best brands, but we also strive to create a better world, in which to enjoy healthy surroundings. For that reason, we manage our business by setting out goals which are compatible with the sustainable development of the environment.

Along these lines, we back projects that strengthen our commitment to the conservation of our surroundings and a reduction in environmental impact.



Since 1st May 2008, Berlys has guaranteed that its products created using margarine have almost removed the percentage of trans fatty acids, reaching a percentage of below 1% in the finished product, and this free from trans fats. This reduction has not made a significant difference to aroma, taste, texture or appearance.

This reduction is verified in several ways:

  • – Certificates from suppliers of our margarines.
  • – Study by the Institute of Food Science from the University of Navarra (ICAUN).
  • – Results of various analyses of Berlys pastry products, carried out by various laboratories of recognised international prestige.


The European Licensing System (ELS) certifies all our gluten-free products we sell under the Betina brand, through the international gluten-free symbol of the crossed grain, currently regulated by AOECS (Association of European Coeliac Societies).

The symbol is highly trusted by the coeliac collective, and is a quick reference when purchasing gluten-free products. These maximum levels of gluten will be checked by:

  • – Laboratories approved by ENAC, or any other institution accredited by the EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation), for this parameter, in accordance with Standard 17025:2005 (UNE-EN ISO) and authorised by FACE.
  • – Certifying bodies approved by ENAC, or any other institution accredited by the EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation), for this parameter, in accordance with Standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012.
  • – FACE management commission.

In this way, at Monbake we promise that our Betina gluten-free products contain less that 20 ppm (parts per million) of gluten, and are periodically subjected to all manner of analyses and checks, in order to ensure greater safety and guarantees for the coeliac consumer.



Our plants in Tajonar and Aiguaviva have the RSPO certificate, guaranteeing that the manufacturing process for products containing palm oil and palm kernel oil uses oils from certified sustainable agriculture. In this way we take care of the environment, promoting sustainable agricultural practice, respect for our surroundings and the protection of biodiversity.



Energy efficiency is an essential aspect of the European strategy for sustainable growth under horizon 2020. For that reason, through Royal Decree 56/2016, the government set out for companies a series of audits which allow organisations to learn the situation with respect to energy usage.

These audits provide detection of operations within the processes that may contribute towards savings and efficiency with respect to primary energy consumption, and an optimisation of energy demand for the facilities.

At Monbake we meet the requirements set out in this Royal Decree, following audits carried out in our plants. In this way, we are contributing to energy savings and a reduction on CO2 emissions, through actions such as the replacement of all lighting with an LED system, or an improvement to the refrigeration systems.



In 2018 our Berlys logistics model obtained the sustainability certificate from PLS Pooling. The certificate was obtained thanks to having created a sustainable logistics process for our plants and distribution that reduces the impact on nature in a clear way:

  • – 1,319,576kg of CO2 prevented from reaching the atmosphere
  • – 10,996 trees not felled
  • – 1,722 m3 of wood recycled
Monbake solidarity

At Monbake we are committed to the world around us, and we work to create a fairer, more egalitarian society. For that reason, we take part in various social initiatives through our brands in order to make our society better.


“Made in Canaries” product brand

We are supporting regional development and the consumption of local produce. The products we manufacture at our Tenerife plant bear the “Made in Canaries” mark. In this way, we move closer to our clients and focus on the customization of products which are most suited to the tastes of the market in the Canaries.

To create these bakery lines we continue to maintain the highest quality standards, using specially selected local raw materials and careful production processes, with mote time for the dough to prove.