The best brands
for the professional
and the consumer

At Monbake we manufacture and market frozen dough bread, pastry and cake products, created using various types of dough and formats, in response to the demands of establishments and consumer tastes.

We have two brand categories which cover our two large business areas. Through the most extensive catalogue in the sector, we work with the bakery and catering professional, and thanks to our wide network of stores and franchises, we provide the best selection of products to the consumer.

Brands for the professional

The best products in top quality bread, pastries, cakes and savouries.

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Network of stores

The brands in our network of bakeries and bakery cafés, which provide a familiar daily relationship with the consumer.

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Our Brands

The best products for the professional


A brand covering top quality products in bread, pastries, cakes and savoury snacks, aimed at the professional, and created using the best raw materials, following traditional processes with the application of the most advanced technologies.


A brand covering top quality products in bread, pastries and cakes, with the fifth range created to satisfy and respond to the needs of our clients, created using the most advanced technology.


A brand covering bread and pastry products created using the best raw materials and the greatest know-how, designed to satisfy all the needs of our clients.

Körfest represents the best in top end frozen cakes, created through a rigorous selection of raw materials. Their various combinations of flavours and textures, with singular touches, and impeccable appearance, make their cake products unique. The Körfest brand is available throughout the Berlys and Bellsolà commercial network.

This is a gluten-free product brand for those with coeliac disease or those who are gluten intolerant. For greater confidence, it is certified under European Licensing System ELS. The Betina brand is available throughout the Berlys and Bellsolà commercial network.

Retail brands

Our contact with the end customer

Our own stores: a network of over 200 establishments located mainly in the north of Spain, which offers a selection of fresh bread, pastries, cakes and coffee.

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Bertiz, our network of stores and franchises. A specialist business model, based on top quality positioning for product, store and management, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and profitability for the point of sale. The Bertiz stores reflect the accumulated experience of over a century of successful operation.

Presence in spain